Know yourself – A foundation for your spiritual journey.

 #2 in The Soul Journey series of 6 e-books by Andrew Schneider

The more you know yourself and your personality, the more you love, grow and co-create in your life.

Some people think that to be soul conscious or spiritual, there’s no need to know the personality. While this perspective fits with the old Spirit-based spirituality, it is totally inadequate for the new soul-based spirituality.

Soul uses the personality for its expression. Knowing the personality is like developing the technical or artistic skills of a craftsman or artist. Without this knowledge, inspiration is badly expressed, and cannot be communicated in a way that is sensitive to others.

Knowing ourselves is the foundation to understanding what we do, why we do it, and how to change.

In this second e-book of the 6 e-book series of The Soul Journey, Andrew Schneider gives us new perspectives for understanding our personality and how it interacts with soul.

It is not possible to resolve our problems or issues in life if we do not know who we are, as both personality and soul. The more we know ourselves at all levels, the less we will be controlled by our lower nature and the less we will project aspects of our own unconsciousness onto others.

Self-knowledge is the basis of all knowledge and the foundation for being able to be of true value to others.

Topics that will be covered in this “Know Yourself” e-book are:

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs
  • Working through victimhood
  • Self labeling
  • Control issues
  • Defence mechanisms and self sabotage
  • Answers to Who am I? What do I want? and Where am I?
  • Knowing all dimensions of yourself
  • What blocks you from knowing your personality and soul self?
  • What physical, emotional, mental and personality needs are you meeting and not meeting?

All questions that we may have about life arise from this one fundamental question: Who Am I? All problems begin with not knowing this answer. The answer changes with time and with changes in consciousness. Our joy comes from insights into this question. Get your own insights by ordering this e-book now.

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P.S. When we don’t know our personality well, soul energies get distorted. Unfortunately, we don’t realize this is happening. Without self-knowledge, we become victims of circumstances. Through The Soul Journey, we find our unique essence, and become adept at expressing ourselves from a very powerful, intelligent and loving center within us. Order Know yourself now.

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