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The Energies of 2011
by Andrew Schneider

How are the energies of 2011 influencing your year?

Everything in life is related to everything else. Everything, without exception, in time and space, functions according to specific cycles. This includes all relationships, personal and collective.

In the Energies of 2011, Andrew discusses:

  • the spiritual purpose of the 20th and 21st centuries
  • the primary theme of the universal energy of 2011
  • how to align yourself with the consciousness and the healing key of 2011

Life can unfold more easily and with more understanding as you live in alignment with the supportive forces of  the currently active energies. The months of October, November and December give us a glimpse of the energies for the coming year. You could look at what has happened during these months in your life and you will have an indication of what needs to be addressed, what challenges you need to overcome and what soul energies have been supporting you.

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