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2013 – A Year of Giving

These writings from Andrew Schneider's legacy of work have been compiled and edited by Bonnie Schneider

The Energies of 2013

2013 is a six year. It is a year for giving, for taking care of others, for humanarian orientation.

Often the health of others comes to your attention under a six influence. The healing urge is now activated, so if you practice any of the healing arts, now is the time to use them and focus on their expression and sharing.

Clarify your life purpose

Most people think that their purpose in life is to do something. Doing is secondary. Your purpose in life is not a function. Your purpose is your contribution, your consciousness, your state of being who you are.

Every person is unique. That uniqueness is what needs to be expressed as one's purpose in life. Your uniqueness is not in your personality, but in your soul or consciousness. Many people can do what you do, so if doing something that others can do were your purpose you would not be needed. But no other person on this planet can be your soul, your consciousness, your essense.

Purpose and existence are synonymous. Nothing exists in isolation. So the purpose of anything and everyone is totally connected. This means that the very existence of anyone and everything is to contribute to the good as a whole

Identify and transform shadows

To express soul characteristics through our personality, we have to deal with the shadow part of ourselves.. The shadow part of ourselves is that aspect that needs to be redeemed, transformed and loved.

If we work with the energies at hand, there is nothing we cannot have which we need. There’s nothing we cannot do which needs to be done. There’s nothing we cannot know which needs to be known. And there’s nothing we cannot love which needs to be loved.

Our wishes for you in 2013

I know that Andrew's hope and mine is that the materials in this 17 page e-book will empower you in some way. We hope that this year is full of insights during the challenging times, love and joy in your daily life and gratitude and appreciation for who you are all through the year.

May you feel the love in our work and join us on your Soul Journey in 2013.


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“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
-- Peter F. Drucker

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