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Ascending the Pyramid of Consciousness

An overview of the complete development of consciousness.

Soul Book - Ascending the Consciousness Pyramid Are you asking these questions?

  •  ‘Who am I?’
  • ‘What is life all about?’
  • ‘Where am I going?’
  • ‘Why do apparently innocent people suffer?’

Then you are on the path of developing consciousness. Discover which of the four levels of consciousness you are predominantly experiencing.

We can describe the processes of growth and creating in terms of a pyramid. Creation occurs from the top of the pyramid downward. Development of consciousness, or growth, is from the base of the pyramid upward. As you learn the progression on the pyramid you will have a map of your soul journey.

As you develop your consciousness ...

  • you will come to know who you are with much greater clarity
  • you will be able to express yourself with more conviction and clarity
  • you will be more open to those you meet
  • you will be able to assist people in coming to a more meaningful understanding of their life and situations
  • you will understand better your place in the bigger picture and what purpose you are serving
  • you will grow in your desire to share who you are with others
  • you will understand life more deeply, and aspire to embrace it more fully

Read this e-book and you will discover:

  • how to journey up the pyramid of consciousness
  • the traps along the way you want to avoid
  • the differences between consciousness and awareness
  • the path to discovering the ultimate self that you are
  • how the new spirituality is unfolding and affecting humanity.

Only $12. Full satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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