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Desires, Needs and Purposes

Explore how your needs change as you develop consciousness.

Soul Book - Desires, Needs, and PurposeSoul consciousness only develops by an increased response to real need. Therefore a system of consciousness development must be based on recognized needs at all levels and in all bodies. Every need that exists in the personality bodies (physical, astral and mental) has a purpose of maintaining that body in optimal condition, but also to develop it as an instrument of expression for the higher, more universal dimensions of our being, a suitable vehicle for soul expression.

Needs are gaps in our lives where wholeness isn’t actively present and love is not flowing. Our desires put us in touch with our needs. These needs and desires serve very specific purposes in our growth.

Read this e-book and you will discover:

  • the differences between inner needs and desires
  • differences between ego needs and soul needs
  • the 3 basic needs that spur growth
  • how relationships fulfill needs and give meaning
  • the growth needs of humanity
  • the needs and their purposes for the physical, emotional, mental and higher mental bodies

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“Without self knowledge our notions of love often reflect needy psychological pursuits, idealistic fantasies, or sentimental hopes… Becoming a person of psychological and spiritual substance is a result of the committed pursuit of self-knowledge.”
-- Bud Harris, Sacred Selfishness

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