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Reflections on

The Principle of Essential Divinity

An Interview with Andrew Schneider

Soul Book - Essential Divinity

Essential Divinity suggests that everything that exists is, in its essence, divine. And then the question becomes, "What is divine?" The word divinity in itself does not reveal the depth of its meaning, yet it is suggestive of 'emanation of light'. And light has been traditionally referred to as the ultimate intangible reality.

Divinity is perhaps associated with the Sanskrit word deva, which translates as "the shining one." And loosely translated, it means the intelligent aspects of life and nature that emanate their essence and radiate energy. This is probably as close as we can get to understanding divinity.

We do not grasp divinity in itself because in order to do that our consciousness must be totally inclusive, which it is not. So qualifying the word divinity in this principle with the word essential is perfect because it refers to essence, and the essence of anything is its soul. The only way that we can really grasp divinity is through soul.

How do you experience essential divinity in your life?

To know yourself as soul gives you the greatest freedom
in every situation of your life.

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