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The Quality of Life Series

Challenges, despair, needs, purpose and relationships are opportunities to improve the qualities and meaning in our lives.

Move through depression, despair and ego's wants and pleasures towards your innate needs, purposes and authenticity. Relationships are a fundamental way to meet your needs and develop soul consciousness.

Soul Book - Authentic Living
  • Authentic Living
    This e-book by Andrew Schneider is about liberating yourself from the confines of conformity and exploring how to be authentic. Explore the 12 traits of an authentic person. Cut through your masks and defences to live the truth of your being. Fulfill your unique, creative potential.
    $19... 'For More Information' on Authentic Living...

Soul Book - Depression and Despair
  • Depression and Despair - How To Heal Them
    You will learn how to distinguish the difference between depression and despair and how to draw on a spiritual perspective to assist yourself and others through them. Understand definitions and causes of depression and despair. Explore their healing soul qualities of hope and faith.
    $12... 'For More Information' on Depression and Despair...

Soul Book - Desires, Needs, and Purpose
  • Desires, Needs and Purpose
    Explore the needs and their purposes for the physical, emotional, mental and higher mental bodies. Explore how your needs change as you develop consciousness. Discover the needs behind your desires and pleasures. Soul consciousness only develops by an increased response to real need.
    $12... 'For More Information' on Desires, Needs and Purpose...

Soul Book - Relationships
  • Relationships: The Catalyst for Developing Soul Consciousness
    Explore how common relationship challenges and lessons are needed for spiritual growth. The stages and cycles of relationships and the influence of gender are discussed as ways to improve relationships.
    $19... 'For More Information' on Relationships...

Soul Book - The Quality of Life Series
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