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Meditation - Connecting with Soul

Connect with and ground soul energies

Soul Book - Meditation

Meditation is a way of being present with a greater reality, an at-one-ment with a higher energy. It is a conscious way of becoming more aware of our true identity. It breaks down the sense of falseness which usually is carried about as our identity.

The most powerful form of meditation is a state of consciousness in which Spirit (the Self) and personality or form (the not-Self) are experienced simultaneously, but without identifying with either. We then stay in this meditative tension for the duration of the meditation.

Meditation is also a releasing mechanism. Any form of meditation which is practical should always begin with attempted alignment with the higher (or soul) so that what is released from the subconscious can more easily be integrated in light of the soul or the universal.

Here are some common benefits of meditation:

  • Increased deep relaxation
  • Automatic self healing of the body
  • Reduction of depression and anxiety
  • Stress release
  • Feelings of connection to others
  • Clearer and sharper thought processes
  • Increase of self understanding
  • Making soul connection - experiencing beauty, truth and goodness
  • Experiencing soul qualities such as patience, tolerance, acceptance, compassion, etc.
  • Greater authenticity

In this Meditation e-book you will learn:

  • 3 meditation stages one needs to be aware of to actually promote growth
  • a 9 step procedure which fulfills all the basic requirements of a well-rounded meditation. It is also open-ended enough to allow for limitless experience.
  • 10 practical meditation tips

Meditation is a state of consciousness that transcends conditioning, self-preoccupation, vices and habits. It opens one to understanding, and therefore to intelligence. It enables unconditional love to be experienced and expressed. It brings one into the Life underlying the form.

Try our 9 step procedure to connect with and ground soul energies important to you.

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