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Soul and Personality Cycles

An e-book on working WITH the energies to support your soul journey

Soul Book - Soul-Personality Cycles E-book Everything in time and space – without exception – functions according to specific cycles.

  • If we are unaware of the cycles affecting us, we often struggle against the current. Life becomes more challenging.
  • If we open to these influences, we can work more synergistically with life.

Discover the energies affecting your journey of consciousness!

Personality and soul cycles play major roles in the development of consciousness and our spiritual evolution. Each of the two cycles is important. And it’s even more important to understand how the two cycles interact.

The soul-personality dynamic creates the fundamental tension in every person’s journey through life that gives rise to meaning and purpose. If you are aware of the cycles, you can better identify each period’s challenges and potentials so you can work with rather than against the prevailing energies.

Understanding the soul and personality cycles and how they interact will help you:

  • comprehend the context in which your growth journey takes place.
  • align your actions with supportive energies.
  • be guided to respond and express what is right for you according to your individual nature and purpose.
  • be guided to express universal energies and principles in specific and appropriate ways.
  • complete and learn from each stage, and integrate the teachings and tasks, so you don’t get emotionally caught or stuck in the past.

This 83 page e-book describes the personality and soul cycles and how they interact. It also includes worksheets so you can plot your specific soul and personality cycles and identify the primary energies seeking manifestation in your life at any time.

You’ll also grasp the bigger picture of spiritual evolution processes:

  • the 11 major stages of life.
  • the 3 major consciousness periods in a life of 84 years.
  • the transformative years that best support the soul to deeply integrate with the personality.
  • and the specifics of each year's soul and personality energies specifically for you.

Each period of our life serves a particular purpose. Knowing where we are in the soul and personality cycles helps us grasp what needs to be learned at that time.  It also helps us in being able to fulfill the purpose of each cycle as well as our life’s purpose. Knowing the purpose and characteristics of each cycle as it unfolds is constant spiritual guidance for living each phase of your life in a meaningful way.

If your life moves from one crisis to another, you are likely not responding appropriately to existing soul-personality tensions. With knowledge of the nature of the soul and personality cycles, you will know how to choose differently. With greater consciousness, your life will unfold more smoothly.

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A new service from Bonnie Schneider: A personalized printout of your soul and personality cycles for you and for a friend. Just provide your names, email addressed and birth dates (Day, Month,(eg. June), and Year). This service is $9.95 (CAD) for one analysis and $14.95 (CAD) for yourself and a friend.  The print out will start at your month and year of birth and finish when you are more than 90 years old. (period at the end too) 

For those of you that understand a bit about numerology the chart will also have your birth path, your pinnacles and challenges, as well as keywords associated with your soul cycles and personality cycles that correspond to each year on this chart as well.

Two Soul & Personality Cycles Charts $14.95 

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One Soul & Personality Cycles Chart $9.95: 

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“Introspection is the first step toward transformation, and I understand that, after knowing himself, nobody can continue being the same.
-- Thomas Mann

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