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The Journey through Life Series

We are all on the same journey through life - the soul journey - and these e-books explain it in different ways.

Here are 4 perspectives describing how our personality and soul journey through life. These are all journeys of raising our consciousness

Soul Book - Water into Wine
  • Overcoming Life Challenges (Water into Wine)
    Explore the 9 major challenges each one of us must face in the course of our lives, plus the keys and the insights needed to master each one. These challenges support our personal growth in consciousness. Through this mastery, the water of ordinary day to day existence becomes transmuted into the refined wine of success and joy.
    $19... 'For More Information' on Water into Wine...

Soul Book - The Chakra System
  • The Chakra System
    Our Soul Journey symbolically moves through consciousness development symbolized by our 7 chakras. Andrew emphasizes the development within each center, rather than just a development from the lower centers to the higher ones, as is commonly believed.
    $7... 'For More Information' on The Chakra System...

Soul Book - The Alchemist's Dream
  • The Alchemist's Dream
    Receive 26 emails to help you transmute the lead of personality into the gold of soul. Receive perspectives, experiences and integration to enable you to heal the past and create the future. Explore the step by step procedure that will guide you to create your life into exactly what you wish it to be.
    $19... 'For More Information' on The Alchemist's Dream...

Soul Book - Ascending the Consciousness Pyramid
  • Ascending the Consciousness Pyramid
    In this overview of the complete development of consciousness you will discover which of the four levels of consciousness you are predominantly experiencing. Learn the downward creation process and the upward consciousness growth progression on the pyramid and you will have a map of your soul journey.
    $12... 'For More Information' on Ascending the Consciousness Pyramid...

Soul Book - Journey through Life E-books
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