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The Universal Laws of Life

Align with the spiritual and universal laws of life and your life will change.

Soul Book - Universal Laws

The ultimate reality which we could call the ultimate universal law is that all is one. There is an intelligent, loving and powerful wholeness to all life that encompasses all levels of being and expression. Everything is part of everything, and the wholeness is within all apparent parts of that wholeness.

All other laws are secondary to the Law of One. This is the primary law of life, consciousness and creation. Unity becomes the underlying motivating force for choices, and separation becomes a signal pointing toward a deeper reality that needs to be embraced.

The triangle effectively represents the three basic principles of any whole or natural unity at all levels. These three principles are the knowable emanations of the unknowable ALL.

They are the three Universal Laws that constitute all existence: the Law of Synthesis, the Law of Attraction and the Law of Economy. They are the purpose (Synthesis), the meaning (Attraction) and the activity of life and consciousness (Economy). They are the spirit, the soul and the form of every reality. They are inherent in every creation, in every potential and in all evolving realities. They exist in the macrocosm and the microcosm at all levels.

As we increasingly live our lives with the consciousness of our universal connections or dimensions of being within ourselves we become aware of what needs exist and how to fulfill those needs (The Law of Economy). Through fulfilling needs we are able to increasingly express our essence and have loving relationships (The Law of Attraction). Eventually we are able to respond to, and have some experience of, the oneness of life (The Law of Synthesis).

The Law of Economy, when responded to by us, activates the Law of Karma. The Law of Attraction activates the Law of Love, which neutralizes karma. These two laws function more exclusively in the domain of duality, while the Law of Synthesis moves us from duality to oneness.

Andrew identifies 25 laws that are aspects of the Law of Attraction and 5 laws that reveal aspects of the Law of Economy.

Each of these laws gives us a different way of experiencing the Universal Presence. And when we align ourselves with this Presence through one or more of the universal laws, we are indeed powerful because we are then aligned with our essence and purpose.

Are you ready to align with higher laws and principles? Are you ready to align with your essence and purpose?

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