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Transformation through Relationships

Every day of your life you receive soul guidance.

Soul Book - Transformation through Relationships

Whether or not you are aware of it is a different matter. This guidance does not consist of authoritarian commands or directions, nor is it ever in the least judgemental about what you do in your personality.

When soul guides it is simply expressing itself to the extent that you have developed soul consciousness, or to the extent that you have at the moment let go of personality focus thus enabling soul to make its presence known or felt.

Soul guidance is always about relationships. We are guided whenever a relationship of any kind is involved, which is virtually always. These can be interpersonal or intrapersonal relationships, or relationships with other kingdoms of life.

"Transformation Through Relationships" is an insight to soul guidance, revealing how you can transform yourself through relationships in order to clear any blockages that inhibit soul from expressing freely through you.

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Transformation through Relationships will explain how you can receive soul guidance through the following:

  • Dreams. Many dreams are subconscious processing – a necessary integration process that can communicate what we might not otherwise be paying enough attention to. There are also soul dreams which reveal the state of the incarnated soul at the moment.
  • Other people. People we meet, our friends, our family, etc. show us what effect we are having on them both from a subconscious level and a soul level. Observing the feedback we can seewhat we are doing and how we are presenting ourselves. If we focus on the quality of effect, we can see what soul energies we are and are not expressing. Through other people’s demands and expectations addressed to us we can also see what soul energies we need to express in order to support them and address the needs they reveal to us.
  • Challenges. Every challenge we face is a result of something we need to learn or develop and express. The stronger the challenge the more needed are the soul energies to deal with it adequately. The learning can be about developing our personality character or about learning skills of one sort or another. Invariably it will include broadening our personality to be more open, flexible, inclusive and giving. It usually also involves knowing our personality nature and gaining control over our unconscious tendencies and reactions – especially our judgments and our emotional reactions.

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“Without self knowledge our notions of love often reflect needy psychological pursuits, idealistic fantasies, or sentimental hopes… Becoming a person of psychological and spiritual substance is a result of the committed pursuit of self-knowledge.”
Bud Harris, Sacred Selfishness

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