FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from your site?
The Soul Journey offers the 4 level Soul Journey program with online workbooks, resources and email coaching support to help people on their soul growth journeys.  Our aim is to help others become more soul conscious so that they experience more meaning, purpose and love in their lives.

How do I buy your services/programs?
The Soul Journey offers a wealth of resources to people who wish to raise their consciousness. Select the $225 to start your Soul Journey series or 4 monthly payments of $60. Sign up at our order page.  You will receive a username and password for immediate access to The Soul Journey program resources.

Where is the member's access button?
As a member or buyer of The Soul Journey, you can click on the "Member Sign In" button on the top right corner on any page. By entering your username and password, you can request any of the library resources you subscribed to.

What do you recommend I take first?
Level 1, the first part of one's Soul Journey offers a solid understanding of who you are. Know yourself deeply both as a personality and a soul.

Where do I send questions, feedback or complaints?
If you have technical questions about accessing our website, or practical questions about your membership or our programs, please email our support team. We appreciate your feedback, whatever it might be. We typically respond to all emails within hours.

How can I make money referring people to The Soul Journey?
The Soul Journey has a FREE spiritual affiliate program that pays you 20% when your referrals purchase programs on our website.

How long has The Soul Journey been in business?
Andrew and Bonnie have offered soul based and spiritual growth programs throughout Europe and Canada for over 28 years. Andrew's many programs have been consolidated into the Soul Journey and Soul-Based Counselling on the Internet since 2005.

What are your backgrounds?
Andrew and Bonnie have spent a total of 60 years between them exploring how to be more soulful and loving. For more details see the "About Us" link on our site.

What is your philosophy and where do you get it?
Andrew has a university degree in philosophy, specializing in scholastic philosophy. He has also been a student of esoteric philosophy for most of his life. This philosophy is aligned with what is referred to as perennial philosophy, the ancient wisdom, the wisdom of the ages, and various other names. It contains the basic universal principals and laws of life that we find behind all valid spiritual, religious and other philosophical systems. The teaching found in this website reflects Andrew’s insights and intuition that are imbued with the universal teachings that would apply in some way to everyone’s life, regardless of their background.

Why have you called your site 'The Soul Journey'?
Most people identify themselves with their personality, at the core of which is their ego. The development of the personality with a strong ego has been the principal learning and work of humanity up to this point. We are now entering a new phase of learning and growth wherein we begin to identify with our soul, which is our true inner essence. To attain this level of consciousness involves a journey, a movement from personality to soul, a shift in awareness and consciousness that involves much learning and many transformations. It is truly a process that takes dedication and time.

What is so unique about the soul-based counselling program?
Traditional counselling, coaching and therapy, regardless of the orientation involved, is centered around the personality and aims to deal with personality issues from a personality perspective. This has been necessary, and still is, for people who have not consciously started to develop soul consciousness. Once soul consciousness begins to have more influence in a person’s life it becomes absolutely necessary to address personality issues, challenges, difficulties, etc. from a soul perspective. This is because once soul awakens, it functions more strongly as a powerful cause of transformation. The changes then needed in personality life must be made to facilitate soul expression. Soul awakening demands soul expression, and this expression can only occur through a personality that is not resistant and is open to soul. This takes special awareness and training, which the soul-based counselling program teaches. The psychology involved in this program integrates personality psychology with soul psychology. This is the most effective approach to making significant and lasting changes in one’s life.

What is basic email coaching and support?
During each Soul Journey Level you will receive 2 emails per week. Each email helps you stay focused as you experience core learnings of the program. Once per week you can formulate a question and optionally send it to The Soul Journey. (There is no response as it is a way of supporting you into asking and expressing the right questions.)

What is personal interactive email coaching?
Immediate feedback from a soul-based counsellor can be immensely helpful and assist in avoiding the traps that one can get stuck in. And one of the major traps is the great difficulty of discriminating between what is soul and what is personality. This is a unique opportunity to have a spiritual guide for your journey at your convenience, without having to leave your home and daily life. Receive either The Soul Journey Levels 1 to 4 or the advanced level 5 of supporting others on their soul journey with personal interactive soul coaching and certification directly from the program co-creator, Bonnie Schneider. You will receive weekly responses and soul attunements. Click the link for more information on our interactive email-coaching service.



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