Consciousness: Spiritual Growth by
Developing and Expressing Soul Consciousness

Level #3 in The Soul Journey series of 4 levels and e-books by Andrew and Bonnie Schneider

Soul is the cause and the cure

The fundamental cause of everything in our life is soul and all healing must be accomplished through soul. Beneath all surface troubles, soul exists as an untroubled reality. The soul is always at peace. Much of the focus in this program is about how to think like a soul and how to be the soul.

Don’t just play on the surface of life

Today, we tend to view the world in which we live from mechanistic, scientific, analytical and physical perspectives. When we do this, we engage our senses without involving the soul. We therefore remain on the surface of cause and effect relationships, and give away the power of controlling our own lives and loves to external forces. We thus find ourselves increasingly disconnected from the world and others, and increasingly afraid of close encounters and intimate connections.

Basically, we experience four levels of soul contact in our relationships:

  1. within ourselves
  2. with each other
  3. with the world and
  4. with the Universal/God.

This spiritual growth e-book and the extensive soul email-coaching support will assist you in tapping the riches of each of these relationships and in developing soul consciousness.

Bring soul into your life

We all want to make a lasting difference in the world and in our private lives. To achieve this, we must do so from a higher level than personality life. This higher level is soul life, our essence. We’ll assist you to make it a central part of your own life.

In the third level of The Soul Journey series, we will explore the many depths and power of this soul life:

  • a bigger picture of how spirituality and day-to-day life work together.
  • practical tools and resources to enable you to uncover the loving, purposeful and powerful part of you that you've not yet realized is there.
  • tools to assist you to heal the past, live in the power of the moment and raise your consciousness to make the most of your future.
  • a frame of reference to build trust that there's a divine purpose to all that's unfolding.
  • 20 essential characteristics of soul consciousness.
  • 13 ways to develop soul consciousness.
  • 26 useful questions to support soul-personality connections.
  • perspectives to support you in living a more happy, peaceful, harmonious and meaningful life.

Explore the many ways spiritual growth seeks expression through you each day. Identify how soul is naturally facilitating your spiritual growth. Learn how to improve your receptivity to soul’s guidance.

We take a spiritual journey when we respond as individuals to the universal presence. In this journey, we discover our uniqueness and become authentically who we are. And this e-book will support you in getting acquainted with your soul.

Automated email coaching is now available to guide you through the material and keep you focused on developing soul consciousness. The levels progressively support these core areas - enhancing your awareness, deepening meditation, enriching understanding of who you are, healing your personality, and using imagination effectively to develop soul consciousness and soul attunement.

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