What is Soul? What is Spirit? What is Personality?

Know Yourself and Know Your Soul - the foundation for your spiritual journey. Understand Your Threefold Nature

Level #1 - Know Yourself in The Soul Journey series by Andrew Schneider

You are Spirit, soul and personality. But what is Spirit? Soul? Personality?

The more you know yourself and your personality, the more you love, grow and co-create in your life.

  • Do you know the differences between them?
  • How do you experience each aspect of your threefold nature?
  • How do they evolve and interact in your life?

We are more than just a personality …

Conventional therapy and psychology work on the assumption that we are defined by our personality and that changing the nature of the personality will bring about fulfillment and happiness. This approach works well enough for people who have not grown beyond this level of identity, but it is unfulfilling for those who need to take the next step.

To heal and to grow, we must acquire a higher, more inclusive truth or perspective than we presently hold. We achieve this with soul consciousness.

Before we do the personality work necessary for developing soul consciousness, we need to have some understanding of the nature of soul and its purpose. What is soul?

Knowing ourselves is the foundation to understanding what we do, why we do it, and how to change.

It is not possible to resolve our problems or issues in life if we do not know who we are, as both personality and soul. The more we know ourselves at all levels, the less we will be controlled by our lower nature and the less we will project aspects of our own unconsciousness onto others.

Self-knowledge is the basis of all knowledge and the foundation for being able to be of true value to others.

Besides receiving the Know Yourself e-book, you also receive 8 weeks of our automated email-coaching. You will be coached so you deeply learn and experience  awareness, meditation, what blocks you and your soul gifts and aspirations.

Here is how you can benefit:

  • Become more discerning and wiser as you distinguish between emotions, thoughts and soul guidance
  • Ideas and intuition increase as you build a solid, more inclusive base of understanding.
  • Make better choices for yourself in your life.
  • Make more sense of your world as the parts make more sense within a bigger picture of life.
  • Clarify your spiritual identity and how you participate in the new spirituality now unfolding.

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The understanding of soul is very new …

Few people have a clear understanding of soul. Andrew Schneider has personally worked with this reality for 30 years and has extensive experience and knowledge in this area. It’s important to understand that soul is infinite in many of its aspects. In exploring soul, we are engaged in an infinite becoming process. As a result, no one can claim to have a full understanding of soul.

We’ve much to learn to make conscious soul choices

If we hope to make conscious soul choices, we need to become aware of:

  • the nature of soul,
  • how soul is specifically present within us as individuals,
  • how to shift to perspectives that are soul based,
  • how to express ourselves as soul beings,
  • what blocks those choices.

We also need a willingness to change, to develop new sensitivities and to transform our selfishness.

This e-book contains:

  • Definitions of what is Spirit, soul and personality.
  • Details of our physical, etheric, emotional and mental makeup and needs.
  • The 3 main aspects and levels of our soul.
  • Practical experience in meditation and enhancing awareness
  • 10 ways soul guidance works through you.
  • The 5 key blockages to knowing your personality and soul self?
  • Ways to uncover limiting beliefs, control issues and defense mechanisms
  • 9 character/personality types to choose from

Are you ready to understand the fundamentals of who you are?

Some people think that to be soul conscious or spiritual, there’s no need to know the personality. While this perspective fits with the old Spirit-based spirituality, it is totally inadequate for the new soul-based spirituality.

Soul uses the personality for its expression. Knowing the personality is like developing the technical or artistic skills of a craftsman or artist. Without this knowledge, inspiration is badly expressed, and cannot be communicated in a way that is sensitive to others.

All questions that we may have about life arise from this one fundamental question: Who Am I? The answer changes with time and with changes in consciousness. Our joy comes from insights into this question. Get your own insights by ordering this e-book now.

Automated email coaching is now available to guide you through the material and keep you focused on developing soul consciousness. The levels progressively support these core areas - enhancing your awareness, deepening meditation, enriching understanding of who you are, healing your personality, and using imagination effectively to develop soul consciousness and soul attunement.

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