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Authentic Living

An e-book on Authenticity - fulfill your unique, creative potential and learn the 12 traits of authentic people.

  • Do you have a self-centered life or a life-centered self?
  • Who are you beneath your conditioning, defenses and limiting beliefs?
  • Who would you be if you freed yourself for greater creativity, energy, love and power?

This e-book is about liberating yourself from the confines of conformity and exploring how to be authentic.

The ultimate challenge is to align ourselves with the unique creative energy of the spiritual soul that we are. This is our connection to the creative force of the universe. And this alignment demands authentic living from us – to live as we are in the highest aspects of our consciousness, and in the deepest dimensions of identity. We move from a life of mediocrity to meaningfulness; from compromise and conformity to freedom.

To be authentic is to be an author – one who originates, one who is a cause rather than an effect; it is one who brings new life to what is done and gives it the ability to grow on its own.

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In this program you will explore:

• The 12 traits of an authentic person.
• The right questions that lead to personal authenticity.
• The truths to live by and the lies that we believe.
• Our fundamental needs - physically, emotionally and mentally.
• Your personal soul story.

People want to change without changing. They want something different, ‘better,’ but they do not want to give up what they have. Now you have the steps, questions and perspectives to peel away the masks and limitations. Explore the many exercises to support you in going deeper to uncover your authenticity.

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“Without self knowledge our notions of love often reflect needy psychological pursuits, idealistic fantasies, or sentimental hopes… Becoming a person of psychological and spiritual substance is a result of the committed pursuit of self-knowledge.”
Bud Harris, Sacred Selfishness

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